Resident's Stories

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Jock's Story

Jock in  his room

Jock, 43, served in the Black Watch for four and a half years then left the Army and settled in London. His problems began with a car accident. This was followed by an emotional breakdown after which his business failed and his long term relationship ended. Eventually Jock was evicted and ended up rough sleeping in London for six months. He became severely depressed and tried to commit suicide several times.

Realising that he needed help Jock contacted Veterans Aid. Jock says he will never forget the Friday that he visited VA's Buckingham Palace Road centre. Given the chance to return to Scotland, he liked the look of the Whitefoord House and accepted a place. He remembers arriving at Whitefoord being shown to his en-suite room, just 10 days after first contacting Veterans Aid.

 He recollects: ‘I had lost all confidence and self respect. Just talking to the people at Whitefoord, staff and residents, made a massive difference. They helped me get back my self-esteem, just by being able to talk to people who understood. Arriving at SVR was like going back to a family.'  
Nine months later Jock was back on his feet. He started to help out with driving and maintenance at Whitefoord on a voluntary basis, to give something back to the place that had done so much for him.
‘I was at rock bottom when I got to Whitefoord' he recalls, ‘but it was the best thing I could have done. I haven't looked back. Veterans Aid and SVR saved my life'.