Resident's Stories

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Jason's Story

Jason left the British Army in 1997 following a 2 year tour in Northern Ireland.    In 2009 he was diagnosed as having PTSD, his wife left taking their son and Jason suffered a mental breakdown. 

He spent time in hospital and was discharged to a council flat in Northampton, however the immediate neighbours were drug users who caused lots of problems and eventually threatened the lives of Jason and his beloved dog, Gucci.  At this point Jason left his accommodation and went to London where he and Gucci slept rough for about 7 months.  This was a very difficult time and Jason was often threatened with violence.  On one occasion he was only saved from a beating by Gucci dragging away his attacker by the foot.  He was worried that he might turn to drink or drugs to escape from the reality of sleeping on the streets. Jason was at a very low point and felt that things couldn’t get any worse when a man approached him one day and asked about how he had become homeless.  He gave Jason some money and then returned a couple of hours later with the phone number for Rosendael.  Jason spoke to SVR’s allocations officer, Yolanda Archibald and within a few days he and Gucci were walking up the drive to Rosendael.

Jason says his life has changed since he arrived at SVR.  When he first arrived he was overwhelmed with the realisation that he and Gucci were safe and needed a short stay in Perth Hospital.  Returning to Rosendael he started to get the help he needed from the Dundee City mental health team and Combat Stress have also been in touch with regard to further treatment. 

 Jason loves it at Rosendael, there is always someone to talk to and the standard of accommodation is very high.  His ultimate plan is to get a job, housing and a normal life but at the moment, with the support of SVR, he is setting himself small goals on the path to recovery.