Housing Support Service

The Housing Support service at was introduced to respond to the increasing number of younger residents with varying support needs.

What is Housing Support ?

Housing support services focus on enabling people to achieve or maintain independent living . Support and assistance is provided to enable someone to manage on a day-to-day basis , live as independently as possible and maximise their potential .

 At SVR the way in which housing support is provided will be in keeping with individual needs and  will promote the independence of residents.For some people the service will provide fairly low-level support while for others it will offer more intensive assistance particularly during the important period of stabilisation when a new resident moves in .It will include emotional as well as practical support  . Advocacy support , networking and collaborative working with other agencies are also important features of Housing support .

  • The service will include support in such areas  as income maximisation and assistance with welfare benefits
  • accessing education , training and employment opportunities
  • accessing leisure time and social activities
  • linking in to community networks and services and volunteering in the local  community
  • signposting to specialist services such as alcohol , drug services or counselling
  • the move into mainstream housing .

 A personal support plan will be developed with a residents’ key worker ,looking at specific goals and how these might be achieved with reviews to monitor progress. The plan will reflect the level of support required which will change over time as the need for housing support changes .

The Housing Support Teams at Rosendael, WHitefoord House and Bellrock Close are led by highly qualified managers and the experienced teams include some who are themselves veterans.

The team are approachable and happy to help as and when necessary.  Residents are able to drop in for a chat and make an appointment if required .