Whitefoord House Remembers

08 Nov 2018

Stunning indoor and outdoor displays of poppies have been created by the art group at Whitefoord House. Centenary Poppies from the Poppy Factory have been combined with painted, foam and felt poppies to drape the columns outside Whitefoord House. In the residents’ lounge residents have made a beautiful installation with a painting and poppy cascade.

Whitefoord House had been open for 4 years when the Great War broke out. The residents’ lounge was the site of the Scottish Poppy Factory when Lady Haig established it in 1926 until it outgrew the space and moved to its current location in 1933. Pictured are veterans making poppies in the 1920s and our current veterans making the poppy display in the same room nearly one hundred years later.

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