Gardening Leave Project Opens at Rosendael

02 May 2012 Jim mcColl with Rosendael Resident and Lord Provost of Dundee

The Horticultural Therapy charity Gardening Leave, which
helps ex-Servicemen and women with mental health issues, has officially openedits new site at  our Rosendael Residence.

Jim McColl from The Beechgrove Garden opened the new project on 25 April.  He is seen here with Rosednael resident Bill Gibb and Lord Provost John Letford.

 It is Gardening Leave’s fourth site in the UK and marks a major step for the charity as it will now be able to benefit the many veterans who live on Scotland’s East Coast. Gardening Leave has two sites on the West Coast of Scotland, near Ayr and Erskine, and a third at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. 

Gardening Leave aims to improve the mental and
physical wellbeing of ex-Service personnel by offering Horticultural Therapy
(HT), in walled gardens. It provides peaceful, unpressurised environments where
veterans can participate as much or as little as they choose in the life cycle
of the garden. 

Many of those who attend Gardening Leave’s sites have
had difficulties making the transition from military to civilian life and also
suffer from combat stress reactions stemming from their military experience.
Gardening Leave offers them structure, routine and exercise. Put simply,
attendees enjoy being with like-minded people, being outside, and having
something constructive to do. They also like the interaction with green, living things; oftenestablishing profound relationships with the plants they grow from seed and nurture to maturity.




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